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My Story

A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

As the oldest of 4 kids in her family, and the oldest of 20 kids in her neighbourhood, Danielle developed a passion for leading and supporting kids from a very young age.  While in college and studying psychology,  Danielle worked with her first student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and found her career path.  Danielle then worked in a variety of roles with children with special needs, and became a psychologist 15 years ago.  In that time, Danielle has provided therapy and assessment for children with ASD, AD/HD, Intellectual Disabilities, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), attachment disorders, mental health and behavioural disorders, as well as learning disorders.     
In addition to working with children with  exceptionalities, Danielle also enjoys supporting and helping neurotypical children and adolescents gain social, emotional and coping skills to assist them to thrive in what can be a challenging world.    
Danielle and her husband live in Red Deer County with their son.  The three of them share an intense interest and have a hyperfocus on baseball, and can usually be found at the ball diamond.  Danielle also loves dogs and  her Golden Aussie, Leo, is certified a therapy dog and he "works" as much as possible!

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